What is Dropbox and why use it.

Dropbox has become the easiest and most secure way to store and share files of any size. After creating a free account it will make a folder on your computer that is also synchronized on remote servers. This is also commonly called “in the cloud”. Folders can be created and organized as usual on your machine, but they can also be individual shared with others.

Start by creating a free account HERE
By using this invited referral link you will get 2GB basic free PLUS a 500MB bonus.

After creating the account they have a very good tutorial with a tour that teaches all about this great free service.
You can certainly upgrade your storage with a paid account, but you will see how easy it is to get additional free space that may serve your needs for free for quite some time.

To use our Direct To Print service (DTP) you just need to
1 Create a folder that is named what the order is billed under (usually your last name)
2 COPY (NOT MOVE) your files to that folder.

This means files are still uploading.

dropboxuptodate This means files are synced.
Please make sure all files have updated before turning off your computer or connection.

3 Right click the folder and choose DROPBOX, SHARE THIS FOLDER:

In the next screen enter our email address, order@aandi.com


You will soon be using Dropbox in many other useful ways to backup and share with others.