Use the Wizard in Book Creator

A quick and easy way to make a book in Book Creator is to use the wizard.

In a few short steps you will have a book automatically created by the software, with your images that can still be edited manually.

After choosing create a new project from the opening screen,

Make sure the check box is marked to use the wizard. Here we are making an 8×8 soft cover with the wizard.
wizard box

Click the buttons at the top to add folders of images, or individual images
wizard folder

The next screen allows you to choose layout. You can set the number of pages or how many pictures per page.
wizard pages

The next screen allows choosing of the background.
wizard background

The next step will ask you to name the project and then your project is made.
You can still make any manual changes you like. Add, remove images. Rotate text or images. Change backgrounds, everything is still editable.

Do a full screen preview by clicking this button,

See this post if you need help with basic editing of your book.

When you are finished you can order by clicking the green shopping cart.