Quick tour of Book Creator


1 Pictures Browser

Shows thumbnails of imported photos. Import photos from your computer by clicking the plus button on the left. All imported images reload when a project is saved and the software reopened. Drag photos from the Pictures Browser onto a page or picture box to add them to your book. The tools button on the right allows you to organize photos. Right-click an image in the Pictures browser to view larger, rotate or remove.


2 Page Browser

Shows thumbnails of your book pages. Click on a page thumbnail to go to that page. The blue box around a page indicates which page you are currently working with.


3 Toolbar

Buttons for popular features: (L-R) Undo, Redo, Save, Add Picture Box, Add Text Box, Autoflow, Zoom Out, Zoom In, Previous Page, Next Page, Preview Book.


4 Work Area

Select a book page from the Page Browser and it will appear here. Your Work Area is where you add and adjust photos, text, backgrounds, etc. Double-click an image to crop. Right-click (Macs: CTRL+click) image to Align, Arrange, Fit to Page, Fit to Spread, etc.


5 Tool Panel

Make adjustments to photos and text using the Tool Panel. You can add the same adjustments to several items at once by holding down the Shift key and selecting all items youd like to add to.

Tools from left to right are:

Shape: Change the shape or opacity, add a border or drop shadow

Adjust: Rotate or flip photo, change color mode, brightness and contrast, add vignette

Text: Change text alignment within a text box, adjust margins and line spacing

Ruler: For fine-tuning the layout and size of your image or to skew your image

Background: Change the backgroundcolor of a page


6 Style Tabs

Page Styles, Masks, Backgrounds and Scrapbook art can be selected by clicking on these tabs.


7 Style Browser

View and select Styles from this field. Add to your book by dragging onto a picture frame or page.


8 Categories Button

Select themed Styles according to the type of book you are making or view all categories to see all style available.