First book, step by step

Hopefully you have already organized your images in a folder. If not see THIS.

Start Book Creator and choose Create a New Project

This guide will reference the Quick Tour.

Choose what size and style book you want and click Next

Name your project and click Create

Now choose which folder has your images and they should show up on the left side.

You can drag and drop your images to the page from the Pictures Browser (quick tour #1), you’ll see a red 1 signifying the image is used 1 time in your book.

Flip pages with the page browser (2) you will see the thumbnails update as you add items.

Add a text box from the toolbar (3) it’s the one with the Aa+ symbol.
Then you click the text box to edit text. A great way is to copy and paste text from another document you may have open like a word processor or directly from a web page.

Add a page style
Page Styles are pre-set templates with picture boxes and/or text boxes.
Now you can drag an image into the picture boxes

These templates are modifiable – you can add or remove features to your liking. Select the Page Style tab, then drag your selected page style onto a page.
You can create your own Page Styles including text, photo boxes and effects. To save a Page Style, click the Categories button in the Styles Browser (8) and save layout in the appropriate category (Left Page, Right Page or Spread).

Add a background
Page Backgrounds can be either a photo or a graphic found in the Style Tabs. To use a Background in the Style Tabs, simply drag and drop it onto a page. To use a photo as a background, right-click the photo and select “Fit to page”.

Resize a picture by dragging the picture corners – hold down the Shift key to maintain the picture box proportions.

You can size a picture box to specific desired measurements:
1. Selecting your picture box
2. click on Ruler Tab
3. Type the exact desired measurements of the picture box size, position and/or offset.

Right click a picture to:
-Align a photo horizontally or vertically on a page
-Arrange a photo by sending it forward or backwards (in respect to other objects on the page)
-Fit a picture to page (bleed one page), to spread (bleed 2-page spread), to box (or to fit box to picture)
-Lock a photo in place on a page
-Show photo file location
-Cut, Copy, Delete or Clear

Crop a photo or background by double-clicking it. Use the crop tool in the pop up window and click ok. The crop tool maintains the proportion of the picture box.

To Add Pages to your book, go to the Page Browser and select the spread FOLLOWING where you would like your inserted pages to appear. (For example, if you would like to add pages before pages 5-6, select pages 5-6 by clicking on the spread in the Page Browser. Then go to Page > Insert.

To rearrange your book pages, go to Page > Rearrange Pages. You can either use the arrow buttons on the left of the window or you can simply drag the pages up or down.

Do a full page preview of your book by going to FILE, CHECK PROJECT

Click the green shopping cart when you are finished to order and checkout.