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Reorder and Change Book Size

Its easy to re-order your book in a different size.

First you need to duplicate the book you would like to reorder.

Go to open existing orders and select the book and click duplicate project, then rename it.


Once the project is open click on the change product size icon and select the size you want to order.


Then make sure to double check your book. Make sure crops are correct and the cover looks good and then submit your order.

Removing the A&I logo from your book

It is possible to remove the A&I logo from the back cover of your book.
After you order your book with Book Creator, send us an email with your order number and tell us you want the logo removed.
Please be aware there is a 25% increase in the cost of your order, and we will need to bill you for the additional charge.

How to reorder your book

Reorders can be placed through Book Creator just like the first time you ordered, but with one additional step. You must duplicate your order.

Launch Book Creator, and click Open an Existing Project


In the next window, select the project you would like to order, however, do not open it.
When you’ve selected it, a button near the bottom left of the window appears showing, Duplicate Project.


Click Duplicate and give the project a new name, like My Book Copy.

After renaming the project, open it.

Now you can make edits if you want to or click on the green shopping cart icon and checkout.

Remember to complete the uploading process in the Book Creator software once you’ve completed the online ordering process.

Currently you are unable to change the size of your book, it can only be ordered in the same size unless you start the design over again. A new version of software is coming soon which will allow this feature.