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Uninstall Book Creator

If you are having many errors with Book Creator after updating to the new version, it might be best to uninstall the software and then do a clean reinstall.

For the Mac version, open your Application folder. The easiest way is to choose GO from the Finder and choose APPLICATIONS.


Then drag the folder that says A&I Book Creator to the trash.
Applications folder

Next, download and install the newest version by clicking HERE Make sure to DOWNLOAD A NEW COPY, Don’t install something thats even a day old.

Remember that your projects are saved to a different location, more info HERE

Update Book Creator

Make sure you have the latest version of our Book Creator software.
Even if you just downloaded recently, our programmers make minor updates constantly.

Make sure you have the latest version by clicking UPDATE on the bottom left of the Create a New Project screen, or from the auto update popup window.


Update anything you see on the list.