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Reorder and Change Book Size

Its easy to re-order your book in a different size.

First you need to duplicate the book you would like to reorder.

Go to open existing orders and select the book and click duplicate project, then rename it.


Once the project is open click on the change product size icon and select the size you want to order.


Then make sure to double check your book. Make sure crops are correct and the cover looks good and then submit your order.

Add text from your documents

If you already have text from another source, adding it to your book is very easy.
In Book Creator add a text box by clicking the icon
text icon

or on the menu bar choose INSERT and Text Box,
text menu

Now open your existing document which has text you want to use. This can be anything from a website, blog, or document like Pages or Word.

Then you just highlight the text

And COPY it.
Keyboard shortcut on Mac is COMMAND C
on Windows its CONTROL C
or you can use the menu bar EDIT and Copy.


Then double click the text box you made in Book Creator and Paste the text into it.
Keyboard shortcut on the Mac is COMMAND V
on Windows its CONTROL V
or you can use the menu bar EDIT and Paste.

book text
After you press ok it will contain your text.
text inserted

Backup your projects

Your Book Creator projects are stored in a location based on what version of operating software you are using.
Locate the folder called A&I Book Creator Projects and back it up to an external folder.

Mac 10.5-10.7
Macintosh HD/Library Application/

Mac 10.8
Macintosh HD/Users/Your Login Name

C:My Documents

Next copy your folder that contains your images. If you images are scattered all over your computer now is a good time to consolidate and copy them to one folder. Name it something useful like My Book Images.

Uninstall Book Creator

If you are having many errors with Book Creator after updating to the new version, it might be best to uninstall the software and then do a clean reinstall.

For the Mac version, open your Application folder. The easiest way is to choose GO from the Finder and choose APPLICATIONS.


Then drag the folder that says A&I Book Creator to the trash.
Applications folder

Next, download and install the newest version by clicking HERE Make sure to DOWNLOAD A NEW COPY, Don’t install something thats even a day old.

Remember that your projects are saved to a different location, more info HERE

Use the Wizard in Book Creator

A quick and easy way to make a book in Book Creator is to use the wizard.

In a few short steps you will have a book automatically created by the software, with your images that can still be edited manually.

After choosing create a new project from the opening screen,

Make sure the check box is marked to use the wizard. Here we are making an 8×8 soft cover with the wizard.
wizard box

Click the buttons at the top to add folders of images, or individual images
wizard folder

The next screen allows you to choose layout. You can set the number of pages or how many pictures per page.
wizard pages

The next screen allows choosing of the background.
wizard background

The next step will ask you to name the project and then your project is made.
You can still make any manual changes you like. Add, remove images. Rotate text or images. Change backgrounds, everything is still editable.

Do a full screen preview by clicking this button,

See this post if you need help with basic editing of your book.

When you are finished you can order by clicking the green shopping cart.

Photos resizing and rotating

The easiest way to add a photo is to simply drag it to a page. You dont have to make a picture box to contain it.
Resize a picture by dragging the blue picture corners – hold down the Shift key while you drag to maintain the picture box proportions.


Dragging the green circle will rotate the image.

image green

image rotated

Removing the A&I logo from your book

It is possible to remove the A&I logo from the back cover of your book.
After you order your book with Book Creator, send us an email with your order number and tell us you want the logo removed.
Please be aware there is a 25% increase in the cost of your order, and we will need to bill you for the additional charge.