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Photoshop Color Space settings sRGB

sRGB is the default color space in Adobe Photoshop and is an industry standard for a standard color space.
Our Indigo press’ are closest to this color space so we recommend using it.

To double check the settings in Photoshop choose EDIT, COLOR SETTINGS

You can see the default for RGB is the sRGB profile.

You can check the boxes so it will ask you if you want to assign a profile if a file does not already have one when you open it.

In addition to this you will need to assign the profile to each file as you edit or when you save.

To convert sRGB to an image while editing: choose EDIT, CONVERT TO PROFILE

To assign while saving: check the box at the SAVE screen.

Order multiple books

To order multiple orders at once,

Create/design a project and once you are done click the shopping cart icon. When prompted to select “Add To Shopping Cart” or “Order Now” select Add To Shopping Cart.


Once all your orders have been completed and all have been adding to the shopping cart. You will be returned to the splash screen. Select “View Shopping Cart


You should then see a list of all your orders placed. Select one order and click “Order


From there you will be re-directed to our online order form to complete the order.

What is Dropbox and why use it.

Dropbox has become the easiest and most secure way to store and share files of any size. After creating a free account it will make a folder on your computer that is also synchronized on remote servers. This is also commonly called “in the cloud”. Folders can be created and organized as usual on your machine, but they can also be individual shared with others.

Start by creating a free account HERE
By using this invited referral link you will get 2GB basic free PLUS a 500MB bonus.

After creating the account they have a very good tutorial with a tour that teaches all about this great free service.
You can certainly upgrade your storage with a paid account, but you will see how easy it is to get additional free space that may serve your needs for free for quite some time.

To use our Direct To Print service (DTP) you just need to
1 Create a folder that is named what the order is billed under (usually your last name)
2 COPY (NOT MOVE) your files to that folder.

This means files are still uploading.

dropboxuptodate This means files are synced.
Please make sure all files have updated before turning off your computer or connection.

3 Right click the folder and choose DROPBOX, SHARE THIS FOLDER:

In the next screen enter our email address,


You will soon be using Dropbox in many other useful ways to backup and share with others.

Reorder and Change Book Size

Its easy to re-order your book in a different size.

First you need to duplicate the book you would like to reorder.

Go to open existing orders and select the book and click duplicate project, then rename it.


Once the project is open click on the change product size icon and select the size you want to order.


Then make sure to double check your book. Make sure crops are correct and the cover looks good and then submit your order.

Add text from your documents

If you already have text from another source, adding it to your book is very easy.
In Book Creator add a text box by clicking the icon
text icon

or on the menu bar choose INSERT and Text Box,
text menu

Now open your existing document which has text you want to use. This can be anything from a website, blog, or document like Pages or Word.

Then you just highlight the text

And COPY it.
Keyboard shortcut on Mac is COMMAND C
on Windows its CONTROL C
or you can use the menu bar EDIT and Copy.


Then double click the text box you made in Book Creator and Paste the text into it.
Keyboard shortcut on the Mac is COMMAND V
on Windows its CONTROL V
or you can use the menu bar EDIT and Paste.

book text
After you press ok it will contain your text.
text inserted

Backup your projects

Your Book Creator projects are stored in a location based on what version of operating software you are using.
Locate the folder called A&I Book Creator Projects and back it up to an external folder.

Mac 10.5-10.7
Macintosh HD/Library Application/

Mac 10.8
Macintosh HD/Users/Your Login Name

C:My Documents

Next copy your folder that contains your images. If you images are scattered all over your computer now is a good time to consolidate and copy them to one folder. Name it something useful like My Book Images.

Uninstall Book Creator

If you are having many errors with Book Creator after updating to the new version, it might be best to uninstall the software and then do a clean reinstall.

For the Mac version, open your Application folder. The easiest way is to choose GO from the Finder and choose APPLICATIONS.


Then drag the folder that says A&I Book Creator to the trash.
Applications folder

Next, download and install the newest version by clicking HERE Make sure to DOWNLOAD A NEW COPY, Don’t install something thats even a day old.

Remember that your projects are saved to a different location, more info HERE

Rush Pricing for your book


Our business hours are for Monday through Friday only. Turnaround is normally 7 to 8 business days, not including weekends. Rush services are available as well. Here is a list of rushes and additional pricing:

1 to 2 days. Additional 200%
3 to 4 days. Additional 100%
5 to 6 days. Additional 50%
7 to 8 days. Normal pricing.

How to change your default browser in Windows

If you are having trouble with your browser showing our checkout page or other items, it could be because your browser needs updating.
We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. They are much more secure and feature rich.

Go to the following to download for free.

After you install, make sure it is the default browser, otherwise your old browser will still open.

To make sure all associations are set to your browser;
In Windows 7, go to Control Panel
Choose Default Programs
Choose Set Your Default Programs
Pick Firefox or Google Chrome
Then click below where it says Set this program as default
It should say This program has 9 out of 9 defaults.